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Frequently Asked Questions

What is occupational therapy?
Occupational therapy is a healthcare provider that focuses on helping individuals of all ages develop, regain, or maintain skills necessary for daily activities or occupations. Occupational therapists work with clients to enhance their physical, cognitive, and emotional abilities to improve their quality of life.

What services does Salt Lake Occupational Therapy provide?
Our occupational therapist clinic offers a comprehensive range of services, including:
   - Evaluation and assessment of client needs and goals
   - Individualized treatment plans
   - Adaptive equipment and assistive technology recommendations
   - Sensory integration therapy
   - Fine motor and gross motor skill development
   - Activities of daily living (ADL) training

   - Feeding and eating therapy 
   - Support for mental health and emotional well-being

For more information on our services, please click here.

What can I expect/getting started?

  1. Schedule 15 minute discovery call after completing information.

  2. After determining if an OT or feeding evaluation is warranted, your evaluation will be scheduled with a therapist at your convenience and location of your choice. 

  3. An evaluation is an initial appointment that comprises a caregiver questionnaire, history, and 1+ assessment tools. Evaluations can typically take between 60-90 minutes and are essential to determining a person’s strengths and area of growth. 

  4. Therapist will create a plan of care including services recommended and collaborate with the caregiver to determine a plan of care including frequency of appointments and goals. 

  5. Sessions will be fun, collaborative, and support the goals. Sessions can take place in a variety of different environments depending on your concerns.

How long does an occupational therapy session last?
The duration of each occupational therapy session can vary depending on the individual's needs and treatment plan. Typically, a session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. However, the exact duration will be determined during the initial assessment and discussed with the client or their caregiver.


How many occupational therapy sessions will my child need?
The number of occupational therapy sessions required depends on various factors, including the nature and severity of the condition or goals, the individual's response to treatment, and personal progress. Our therapists will work closely with you to establish a customized treatment plan and will periodically reassess your needs to determine the recommended frequency and duration of sessions.

What should I expect during my child's first occupational therapy session?
During your child's first session, the occupational therapist will conduct an initial evaluation, which may include a discussion of your child's medical history, assessment of abilities, observation of functional tasks, and collaboration to identify goals. The therapist will then develop a personalized treatment plan based on the evaluation findings and discuss it with you.

What payment methods do you accept?

Salt Lake Occupational Therapy is a fee-for-service, or ‘cash pay’ business, meaning we do not directly accept insurance. We are happy to educate you on how to submit our invoices for potential insurance reimbursement, upon the discretion of your child’s insurance plan. We have chosen to prioritize putting my efforts towards working with families in flexible and meaningful ways, which often falls outside the lines of what insurance deems to be “medically necessary.” Payment methods that we currently accept are cash, credit/debit card, and Venmo.

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