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Welcome to Salt Lake Occupational Therapy

Discover the potential of your child's development with Salt Lake Occupational Therapy. Our holistic approach to pediatric Occupational Therapy goes beyond traditional treatment, providing a comprehensive care plan tailored to your child's unique needs. Unlock your child's potential today

Child Counseling

Our Approach

Salt Lake Occupational Therapy embraces a wide range of developmental models, prioritizing sensory integration and DIR (Developmental, Individual differences, Relationship) Floortime as our guiding frameworks. Recognizing the paramount importance of relationships, our focus at SLOT is to establish trust and rapport with both the client and their loved ones. We then address areas for growth by nurturing the person's unique individual differences, including sensory processes, areas of interest, motor planning, and developmental skills.

Throughout this collaborative journey, we place great emphasis on caregiver education. We provide extensive coaching, handouts, and modeling to ensure that loved ones fully comprehend the observable "behavior." By understanding the behavior and what it reveals, we gain valuable insights into the individual and can customize our support to enhance their participation, engagement, and regulation. 

Our aim at Salt Lake Occupational Therapy is to provide a professional and inviting environment where individuals and their families receive comprehensive care and support.

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